Music therapy is the clinical use of music to improve an individual’s daily life. This can include anything from using music to improve speech after a stroke, to using music to help children with developmental disabilities reach their developmental milestones.


What sets music therapy apart from other therapies is that Board Certified Music Therapists manipulate the elements of music to facilitate therapeutic change. Our job is to know how the various elements of music function and impact humans on a neurobiological level, and what behavioral changes are necessary to note. Each person has a unique response to the specific elements of music, and it takes a skilled professional to utilize that relationship for therapeutic change.


Read the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy definition here.



Mission Statement

Rehabilitative Rhythms is an innovative provider of high quality music therapy services to agencies and individuals throughout the Denver Metro Area. We see ourselves as partners with our clients, their families, administrators as well as our own employees. We feel that individuals with disabilities have value to our society, and we strive to serve these individuals and their families by providing a service that makes their lives better. Our goal is to remain profitable each year, and to build a reputation for bringing quality services to clients in the Denver Metro Area.