Clinic-Based vs. Home-Based Therapy

Making the decision between doing home-based therapy and clinic-based therapy can be difficult.

Here are my top 3 reasons to do clinic based therapy:

1) Your loved one is distracted by objects in the home
While a familiar environment can be comforting, it can also be distracting when snacks, television, or favorite toys become too enticing. I have seen clients who struggle to pay attention in the home thrive in a clinic based environment.
2) Your loved one performs better in a structured environment
You might have wonderful neighbors, but having them accidentally stop by in the middle of a session can throw off even the most focused person. Clinic based therapy tends to be more free of distraction.
3) Your loved one benefits from the use a wide range of tools and instruments
If you have worked with me before, you might have noticed that I tend to carry a lot of “stuff”. I am a believer in bringing every tool that might help a client to perform their best, but my car and my back can only handle so much. Being in the clinic environment allows us to have more tools ready and available for sessions.

BONUS: Parents and caregivers often find themselves getting extra support in a clinic setting too. You might have opportunity to connect with another family facing similar issues, or check our reference book to get connected to other fabulous resources.

What are your favorite things about clinic-based therapy? Let me know by leaving a comment below.