Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know if music therapy is appropriate for my loved one?

A: All of our services start with an assessment. We will be able to tell from the assessment if you loved one is responsive to music therapy. If you aren’t quite ready to schedule an assessment, we are happy to schedule a phone conference with you. We would love to hear about your loved one and answer any questions that you have. Our office phone number is 303-481-8134.

Q: How will I know if my loved one is improving from music therapy?

A: We set goals and objectives and take data on all our individual clients. In addition, we also provide our individual clients with progress reports. Some clients go through periods of growth and then hit a plateau before going through a period of rapid growth again. Tracking client data helps us to see the big picture. If we feel that your loved one is not progressing, we will let you know that music therapy may not be appropriate any longer.

Q: How long are sessions and how frequent are sessions?

A:  When we complete our assessment, we set out the plan of care that we feel is most appropriate for that specific client. Typically, sessions are either 45-minutes or 1-hour long. We do not do 30-minute sessions unless we are doing back-to-back 30-minute sessions at a facility or in our clinic. Frequency is typically one time per week, but varies based on the needs of the client.

Q: How much do you charge per session?

A:  We utilize state-wide standard rates of reimbursement for music therapy to set our reasonable and customary rates.  These standard rates of reimbursement range from  around $110/hour to around $250/hour.