Meet Your Music Therapist – Sarah Thompson

How did you get involved in music therapy?

I was in my junior year at the University of Kansas, studying Environmental Science,  and I really felt that something was missing in my life. I really wanted to be involved in art and music again. I went to the career counseling center, and they told me about Music Therapy. I met with a Music Therapy adviser and switched majors immediately. It took me 6 years to complete my undergraduate degree because I switched majors so late in my college career. I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to pursue my passion. I love the combination of science and music.

Tell us about a favorite music therapy moment you have had

I had the opportunity to work with a young stroke survivor who was very aphasic. He was only able to speak 1-2 words when I first met him, but yet was able to sing at least 85% of a familiar song. I had seen this many times before, but his parents had not. That first session, his mother sat in the corner and cried tears of joy when she saw how fluent he was when he was singing. We went on to use music to create some really meaningful changes in daily communication for him. It was a joy to watch how much his quality of life improved because of the improvements in his ability to communicate.

Fill in the blank……..

When I was a kid, I used to love cookie monster and M&Ms.

I feel relaxed when I’m cuddling with my boys.

You might not know that I played basketball nearly year-round for 11 years, and am a huge KU Basketball fan. Go Jayhawks!

My friends would say that my best qualities are: passionate/driven, loyal and creative

One thing that shaped my personal philosophy is: Everyday, my parents told us “Do your very best today.”  It was a reminder that every day is an opportunity to push yourself to the limits of your ability and give your maximum effort. I think that influenced my love of learning. I love to read and learn and be challenged.

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  1. YOU are an inspiration. I am merely a piano enthusiast who has come across your work here, but thank you for what you are doing and thank you for sharing so well. Blessings to you and those you touch with your life!