What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is the use of music to improve an individual’s daily life. This can vary from using music to improve speech after a stroke, to using music to help children with developmental disabilities reach their developmental milestones. Services are aimed at addressing individual goals. 

What sets music therapy apart from other therapies is that Board Certified Music Therapists manipulate the elements of music to facilitate therapeutic change. Our job is to know how the various elements of music function and impact humans on a neurobiological level, and what behavioral changes to look for. This is why we rarely use recorded music. Each person has a unique response to music and specific elements of music, and it takes a skilled professional to utilize that relationship for therapeutic change.

At Rehabilitative Rhythms, we are trained in neuroscience and music, and we believe in using all available evidence to ensure that we are practicing evidenced based practice.

Would you like to speak to us in person to learn more about music therapy? We partner with various organizations to help spread the word about music therapy. Please visit our calender to see when we will be in your area, and come visit us!