Why choose us?

We know that you have many options for music therapy services for your loved one. Here are the things that we do differently from other music therapy providers in the area:     shaking hands

  • We are the only music therapy practice in town that is made up of master’s-level only therapists. Did you know that you can get your undergraduate degree, master’s degree and/or PhD in music therapy? At this time, music therapy has an undergraduate-level entry into the field. We didn’t need to get our master’s degree in order to practice, we did it because we think it made us better able to give you the highest quality music therapy services.
  • We are continually reading research. We think it is important to know the latest research findings. For a list of studies that we have recently reviewed, please click here!
  • We are continually attending continuing education events. There is always something new to learn. We attend as many continuing education events as well can without jeopardizing our clinical schedule. For a list of events that we have attended, click here!
  • We offer the option of using standardized testing. We are trained to use certain standardized tests, and we may recommend using those for certain situations.
  • We offer the option of home-based services or clinic-based services. We want to find the environment where your loved one is best able to focus on therapy. We do our very best to see your loved one in whatever environment best suits their needs.
  • We have a wide range of musical instruments for your loved one to try. In our line of work, musical instruments are tools of the trade. We find that the more tools that we have, the better we are equipped to address your loved ones goals. If you think music therapy only happens with guitars and shakers, you haven’t worked with us! We do carry a wide range of tools for our home and facility based sessions, but the best selection of of tools and instruments can be found at our clinic. For pictures and information about our clinic, click here!
  • We will help you to pursue reimbursement for our services. We are very active in getting third-party reimbursement for music therapy. For more information about funding options, check out our “Paying for Services” page.
  • We have a lot of satisfied families. Research and training are wonderful, but you also want to have a therapist who is empathic and who relates well to your loved one. For a list of what our clients say about us, click here!