Continuing Education

Here is a list of some of the continuing education courses that we have recently attended:

  • HIPAA & Confidentiality
  • Universal Precautions
  • Abuse Prevention and Client’s Rights
  • Neuroscience Applications to Clinical Practice
  • Neuroscience Applications to Treatment of Memory and Attention
  • Alzheimer’s Association Education Symposium 2012
  • Future Horizons, Inc. –  Conference on Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome
  • 2012 Brain Injury Summit: A Meeting of the Minds
  • Allied Team Training for Parkinson – National Parkinson Foundation
  • Social Skills Group Therapy Training
  • Medical Neuroscience (web-based Coursera course through Duke University)
  • Learning Services Neurobehavioral Institute West Symposium
  • 6th Annual Translational Neuroscience and Colorado Educator’s Conference at the University of Denver
  • North American Brain Injury Society National Conference 2013
  • Training on the Music Therapy Assessment of Low Awareness States (MATADOC)
  • Alzheimer’s Association Education Symposium 2013
  • American Music Therapy Association National Conference 2013