Testimonials – Child Clients

  • “Rehab Rhythms has helped my daughter tremendously. She is so happy and excited every Thursday to see her MT. It awakes every silly bone in her body and it gives me joy to see her smiling and laughing. MT has given her the motivation to reach, touch and explore the musical instruments provided for her. Thank you guys so much for bringing joy into our home. ” – parent of client
  • “After working with Sarah, Fiona has been able to learn many of the things that she was resistant to or unable to learn otherwise. Sarah took each issue we presented to her and through music, instruments, creative movement and fun exercises worked with Fiona and was able to reach her and unlock something inside her. Now Fiona loves going to RR to see Sarah and “play with her.” She’s sad her sessions are coming to an end and says she will miss “Ms. Sarah”. After each session, she has a smile and is alert and talkative. She says she doesn’t want to go home, and wants to keep playing with Ms. Sarah. Fiona still has highs and lows, but they are not so rigid and she can more easily adjust from an extreme high to a middle ground and vise versa. Fiona understands her emotions better and can now verbalize how she feels, how someone else might feel, and because of that she can find more appropriate ways to help herself calm down. Her social interactions are more natural and hardly require any helpful intervention. Sarah has also helped Fiona with her body awareness. Besides many things, Fiona’s gait has changed from very awkward to very natural and easy. Fiona loves to make up movements, dances and has just started a gymnastics class that she loves!There are so many other ways that Sarah has helped Fiona they cannot be counted. Besides all the positive changes in Fiona, Sarah has been a wonderful therapist. She has written out goals and objectives and presented us with music therapy progress reports. She has been extremely professional and kept us in the loop, offered up suggestions to our concerns and has been prompt, consistent and very easy to work with. We will continue to use music as a way to help Fiona through her days. For something that I didn’t really understand at first, music therapy seems to have been the most important type of therapy that Fiona has received. It also takes a special kind of therapist and we were blessed to have found Ms. Sarah.” – Melissa, parent of client
  • “Aiden has progressed amazingly in terms of expressing and recognizing emotion in himself and others. He has also progressed significantly in being able to self-regulate. He really loves going to music therapy and loves Sarah. We appreciate so much her instructions, feedback and how she deals with Aiden.”  – Judith L. Stoughton