Testimonials – Adult Clients

thank you note

  • “We have seen a great improvement in Betty since she started the music therapy. She is now able to sing songs and even communicate with words and sentences. It warms my heart when she says “I love you.” – Charlotte Kuhn, loved one of client
  • “Sarah (Lawton) Thompson is a consummate professional. She contributed substantially to Betty’s efforts to speak again. Music therapy really works!” – Duane, spouse of client
  • Rehabilitative Rhythms has been such a welcomed therapy for our Day Treatment residents. Their passion and enthusiasm for music and sharing music has inspired our residents to participate every week. We have residents who never would have participated in Music Therapy, but because of the techniques Rehabilitative Rhythms uses, our residents look forward to it every week. They have the ability to address a wide range of personalities and level of injury. – Day Treatment Coordinator
  • From the Rocky Mountain Stroke Center Music and Aphasia Class: “The music program at Rocky Mountain Stroke Center has helped my mom immensely. After her stroke, her speech was limited to five words or less. After a year of one on one traditional speech therapy twice a week, her speech improved only slightly. Doctors said improvement from this time forward would be sparse. Our family decided to seek alternatives and found the music class at RMSC. My mom has been attending this class for about 9 months and has made huge improvements in her speech. She is now able to express her feelings and can ask for things she wants or needs. The group setting has also helped her to feel comfortable engaging in conversations. The majority of her improvements came about after starting the music class, and her speech continues to improve. We truly believe that she has benefited greatly from the music class.”- Daughter of client
  • “Because of your encouragement, patience, knowledge and skill, Tom has been able to maintain his strength and mobility. I have watched him walk with you and your music further and longer than I ever thought he could. When I remind him of what he has accomplished with your help, he says “I like to perform well for her.””   – Tom and Ann Cox